Supporting refugees

    in our community

  • Our goal

    Project Welcome Centre Wellington’s is supporting a refugee family from Syria so they have a smooth immigration experience into Canada. We are giving them the physical, emotional, social, and financial supports in place that they need to successfully integrate and thrive in their new community.

  • Who we are

    We are a group of citizens from Centre Wellington (Ontario) who want to be part of the solution to the Syrian refugee crisis. Our team includes committed citizens from all corners of our community with different faith identities. All are welcome to join us!

    We are “nested” within Elora United Church, which has included Project Welcome Centre Wellington in its mission. The church provides us with logistical and administrative support.


    We are also part of the Centre Wellington Refugee Network and the Guelph Refugee Forum, which enable us to partner with other refugee sponsoring organization in our community.


    Our principles


    We are a community-wide effort. Everyone can play a part! We welcome people from all religious backgrounds and those with no religious commitments.


    Our sponsored family is our focus. We want them to have a successful immigration experience into Canada. While we are hopeful that we will be blessed through this experience, our priority is to bless them. So we will make our decisions with their best interests in mind.


    We will respect our sponsored family. A big part of our success will be the family we are serving becoming more and more independent. We see our relationship as a partnership between us and them, with them assuming as much decision making autonomy as is possible.


    Our sponsored family trusts us. We will ensure the people they are working with are properly trained and supported (recognizing that for many of us this will be a “learn as we go along” experience.) Volunteers will be appropriately assessed for the work they are doing.


    We will honour our volunteers. We will be efficient with our time and in our decision making. We will empower our volunteers with clear direction and high expectations. Volunteers will be matched with roles that suit their experiences, skills and interests.


    Our donors trust us. We will make sure proper accounting controls are in place for all money we receive, that all donations are receipted, and that money is used in careful ways that serve our goals.


    We can’t do it alone. We will work collaboratively with other sponsoring groups in our area, and with the many people and organizations who have skills, knowledge and resources to help us.

  • Our Family

    Meet the Al Housaryas

    Since their arrival in November 2016, Nahed and her sons Majd and Faris have settled in very well. They now speak English with a high level of fluency, thanks to their hard work and some excellent teachers.


    Now into their their second year, our focus is turning to helping them use the skills they brought with them to canada. Nahed was a licensed hairdresser in Syria. Majd had extensive experience repairing cell phones, tablets and computers. Faris is doing exceptionally well in grade nine.


    Currently the Al Housarya family is living in Guelph.


    We have applied to sponsor Nahed’s mother and her brother’s family.


    It is a joy to partner with this brave, generous and warm-hearted family. We've been blessed.

  • Donate

    You can help by providing financial support. We have all the donated items we need. Thank you!


    You can donate now on the Elora United Church Canada Helps page.


    All members of the Centre Wellington Refugee Network have made this promise to ALL donors: We guarantee that any funds committed through any one of our projects will be used toward supporting a refugee family in the Guelph/Wellington community. Should any one of our sponsorships not happen for whatever reason, we will re-direct funds to one of the other three groups to support their efforts.

  • Get involved

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  • Why are refugees coming from Syria?

    Gain a better understanding of the origins and costs of this crisis.

    Project Welcome is one way we can make a difference.

    Syria's War

    This short video gives a good overview of the roots of the conflict, the various groups who are involved, and the role of outside powers play in fueling it. Please note that the situation is constantly changing. The video is from March 2018 and much has changed since then. IS no longer holds any territory, and the US is considering removing it's forces that had been supporting the SDF.

    As a result of this turmoil, more than 11 million Syrians have fled their homes. Of these, more than 4 million have sought relative safety in neighbouring countries (primarily Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq).

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